"We Listen" is not just our byline or motto. It is the very foundation of our business and how we service our clients. Our job, we think, is to make recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals, your dreams, your ability to deal with risk, your time horizon, your need for cash flow amongst many factors. Our initial meetings will be about getting to know you and your family and understanding your current and future needs, we will assess your current investment portfolio and offer advice on how they meet those needs.

We offer a personal and informal service, where questionnaires to satisfy a computer program are markedly absent in our office. Instead you will find yellow pads and blank Excel spreadsheets. Financial planning is not rocket science, it just takes perseverance and 25 years or so of experience which we have. Together as a team, we work to understand the individual needs of our clients. Our individual strengths and specialties enhance our service which is based on integrity, respect and trust. We consider your needs above all else.

The folks who choose to do business with us are either retired or preparing for retirement and they are concerned about outliving their money, being forced to spend their life savings on medical care or leaving a bereaved spouse to navigate their finances. They worry about their investments and we listen and help ease their concerns by planning for that uncertain future.

Our specialty is working with individuals and companies to prepare for a financially successful retirement. For retirees, we seek to minimize the risk of inflation on their income, especially as they may be on a limited income. For employers we focus on maximizing employee contributions, through education and guidance. This can result in the opportunity for owners and senior executives to increase their contributions.