Mary Lou Steib

Financial Advisor, HFS
Retirement Coach, DFC

Mary Lou has been a Financial Advisor since 1980. One of her Master’s degrees is in Guidance and Counseling, which sharpened her ability to listen closely to what is being said. Mary Lou has an intuitive sense about the unspoken meaning in a conversation. Her style of interacting with a client is conversational. During these conversations Mary Lou is able to arrive at an understanding of what the client thinks are the important points to consider in designing an investment strategy.

Mary Lou was a teacher’s teacher and also a headmistress before becoming a Financial Advisor. She has the ability to make very complex topics understandable while keeping simple subjects interesting.

When meeting with a client Mary Lou wants to know their needs and wants. Needs because those are the basics for comfortable living. Wants to provide the joy in life. Meeting the requisite needs and wants are dependent on the growth and income generated by an investment portfolio. Naturally Mary Lou takes age and risk comfort level into consideration. Younger clients can generally tolerate higher risk. Older people want to remain independent, to not be a burden on their children, so their risk comfort level tends to be lower and more conservative.